Laverne Tolbert, PhD

In this episode, former Planned Parenthood Board Member La Verne Tolbert, PhD talks about their real agenda. Did you know that New York State used to issue death certificates for aborted babies? Why did they stop? And what about those undercover videos of Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of their victims?

Planned Parenthood, the Birth Control Pill, and Charlotte Cruickshank

Did you know that one of the side effects of the birth control pill is death? On today’s episode, Jim Sedlak of STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) discusses the history of Planned Parenthood, the death of Charlotte Cruickshank, and the dangers of the birth control pill.

Abortion survivor speaks out

Pro-life speaker and mother Melissa Ohden is a survivor of a late term saline abortion shortly before she was due to be born. Amazingly, not only did she survive, but she was unharmed and now speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She testified before Congress last year regarding the ongoing Planned Parenthood scandal. We talked about that and what it’s like to be the mother of a child with health challenges.

Kansans for Life

Mary Kay Culp, Executive Director of Kansans for Life, describes her efforts to save mothers and babies from abortion in Kansas.
We talked about Planned Parenthood and how the Center for Medical Progress videos came about.

Is Donald Trump Pro-Life?

Jim Condit, Jr., pro-life Congressional candidate in Ohio’s 8th district, discusses vote fraud on today’s episode. Jim Condit is running for the Congressional seat recently vacated by House Speaker Boehner. Jim is the creator of the website and has been urging Trump to deal with the vote fraud issue during this election campaign. Is Donald Trump pro-life? Tune in and find out!


Today Jim Sedlak, Vice-President of the American Life League, updates us on what happened at the March for Life. We also talked about David Daleiden , the Center for Medical Progress, and what has happened since the release of the videos exposing the Planned Parenthood sale of baby body parts.