Julian Assange Indicted

Who will be next?

“If the freedom of speech is taken away
then dumb and silent we may be led,
like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ General George Washington’s address to
the Army, March 15, 1783

Shortly before the 2016 US Presidential election, Australian Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, released thousands of emails in a deliberate attempt to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. One would think that the current Administration would be grateful to Assange for his efforts to help the election of  President Donald Trump.

But that is not the case

Recently, the secret indictment of Julian Assange has come to light. As Mr. Assange long suspected, the US government hopes to arrest him for espionage once he is finally expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy where he has been living for the past several years.

Former Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts has spoken out in defense of Assange. Mr. Roberts explains why Assange is a journalist and not a spy here .

What does that mean for journalists and pro-lifers?

There used to be a saying that freedom is like oxygen – you don’t notice it until you don’t have any. The air seems to be getting pretty close around some aspects of free speech.

We in the pro-life movement depend on free speech to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, the unborn children who are ruthlessly murdered every day in the USA.

In fact, the inability of preterm infants to speak up for themselves has demonstrated the truth of General Washington’s remarks. Since they cannot speak up for themselves, children are slaughtered every day in our country.

Will we be next?

Only God knows what is in store for us, and we must pray the rosary every day for ourselves and our nation that God will grant us peace and save our country. Austria, Brazil, and the Phillipines were saved by the prayers of patriots in those nations who asked God to deliver their countries from Communism. Let us pray the rosary every day that God will save our country.



It’s Now or Never for President Trump

Will the President order mass arrests? Or will he himself be arrested?

by Christine Ross

There have been circulating the internet that sealed federal indictments have been filed for months. And that President Trump plans on ordering mass arrests on traitors who are busily working to destroy our country.

If that is true, let us hope and pray the rosary that President Trump will order those arrests before January when the new Democratic House takes office. Democrats have already promised to impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh.

For his part, the President has already offered to compromise on certain issues. As a former Democrat himself, the President should know that Democrats do not compromise – they get what they want.

But what do Democrats want?

The Democrats have also promised to raise taxes and undo as much of the good that President Trump has done as possible. And they want as many foreigners to enter the USA as possible, regardless of how they enter.

Since mass migration destroyed Rome, the present course is suicidal. The Antifa movement has already started chanting that they want the USA to come to an end.

Every day, over 2,000 foreign invaders cross our borders. That means 730,000 foreigners enter our country illegally each year. We cannot possibly support these people – we don’t even support our own citizens.

Indeed, when the latest caravan of foreigners was interviewed in Mexico, they made it clear that they expect to get benefits when they enter our country illegally.

If the President does not act now, he may not be able to act at all soon.

Rather than being pleased by the progress the President has made in resolving some issues, the Democrats seem infuriated by their former colleague. They have made it clear that they will do whatever they can to stop him.

For some peculiar reason, they don’t seem to want more jobs, more economic growth, and lower taxes. Their message seems to be “GET TRUMP!”

As usual, when the Republicans had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, they failed to end abortion. That isn’t even being discussed.

Nor was the President willing to promise a veto for any bill containing funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest chain of abortion mills in the country. He promised to quit funding Planned Parenthood, and it does not look like that promise will ever be kept.

In the meantime, God is watching us

As tragic as the natural disasters of this past year have been, we must put our trust in God and His Holy Will. We must continue to pray the rosary for the end of abortion and that God will save our nation from the tyrannies that threaten it.






Vote Fraud Wins Again

Republicans win in Senate and lose the House

by Christine Ross

Yesterday’s sad news of the loss of the House to the Democrats was tempered by Senate victories. We need to pray the rosary for President Trump, and put our trust in God that He will save our nation from the dangers that face it.

Leading Democrats have already promised to impeach Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Rather than moving forward to help make America great again, they want to make even more trouble and be destructive to the good efforts of President Trump.

As usual, Republicans cave and just accept the vote as true. But is it?

Today Lisa Haven published a video containing a Project Veritas video footage of vote fraud allegedly perpetrated in Texas yesterday November 6. The footage showed a woman who appeared to be an election official allowing foreigners to vote in the Texas election yesterday.

It is alarmingly easy to perpetrate voter fraud in the USA

Due to the computerization of the vote, all a computer programmer needs to do is change the programming of a voting machine. It’s easy to vote in the candidate of your choice that way. One computer programmer in Florida admitted to doing just that in this video made 2 years ago.

Or, they can just let ineligible voters participate in the elections the way they did yesterday. As Lisa Haven and others have noted, there were a number of voting machines that conveniently broke down yesterday.

Deja vu all over again

Years ago, I interviewed political candidates who had been victims of vote fraud. What happened to several of them was that the lights at the polling area went out, the computers went down, and the voting stopped. When the lights and the computers came back on, candidates who were winning suddenly found themselves losing.

Did that happen yesterday?

Of course, we’ll never know for sure. Although voter fraud is a felony in many jurisdictions, voter fraud is seldom prosecuted or even investigated.

In the meantime, Trump will have to get his agenda items done before the new Congress is sworn in January 2019. It is tragic that the Democrats do not want to help our country succeed, but rather seem to be fixated on “getting” President Trump.

Now that they have gotten what they want, it is unlikely that the Democrats will be happy with that. They seem to have collectively lost their reason and are in no hurry to regain it.

Let us pray the rosary every day that God will grant us peace and save us from the Communists who wish to destroy our country and make it part of the New World Communist Order.




How to save our country

We must pray the rosary and vote out Democrats!

by Christine Ross

Like many Americans, I am horrified by the incessant violence against unborn children, the awful persecution of Justice Kavanaugh, and the tragic slaughter in a Pittsburgh synagogue last week. Nevertheless, it was good to hear that the President and his family comforted the wounded survivors and their families in hospital.

The Catholic Church teaches that God allows evil so that He can draw good out of it. We must cooperate with the graces that God sends us to stop evil. There are already signs that God is drawing good out of evil. Let us pray the rosary that this trend will continue.

Both Republicans and some Democrats are walking away from mob rule

The Blexit movement of blacks from the Democratic Party has serious consequences for the leftist movement. The Democratic Party has persuaded American blacks to vote for them for years. The Democrats need the support of minorities to win back the House and Senate.

However, blacks have seen their lives improve under President Trump. They are getting tired of the constant race baiting and agitation in favor of violent civil war. Some formerly Democratic minorities are walking away from the Democratic Party in disgust. Let us hope and pray that this trend will continue.

Why does the Democratic Party keep shooting itself in the foot?

When an innocent person is continually attacked in public, it is natural for people to become more sympathetic to him. For some peculiar reason, the Democrats do not understand this and continually malign and insult the President, his policies, and Justice Kavanaugh.

Democrats have even threatened to impeach the President and Judge Kavanaugh if they win back control of the House and Senate this Tuesday. They want open borders and the end of ICE, which would mean the end of our country.

No matter how many times their bullying, threats, violence, and so on fails; the Democrats continue to be nasty, vicious and cruel. After awhile, you feel sorry for them. It must be awful to be so very hate filled.

We must pray the rosary for peace and that God will save our country

As the column of foreign invaders is bussed closer and closer to our nation, it is apparent that there is more to this phenomena than meets the eye. Most of the foreigners are young, fighting age men. They are well-fed, well-dressed, and some are even overweight.

Usually the homeless look weatherbeaten. These young men look great and well-cared for. Let us hope that President Trump will not create tent cities for them, but rather help American homeless people instead.



Does God Want Migrant Caravans?

Migrant caravan slowly walks up to the USA

Several days ago, John Kasich, former Catholic and current Governor of Ohio, erroneously said that “The Lord” doesn’t want Americans to defend their borders with a wall or military force. In the meantime, thousands of foreigners from Honduras and parts unknown are walking up to the US border. They intend to cross it and join the millions of foreigners who are living in the USA illegally.

Why do globalists push mass migration?

Now that the West has slaughtered millions of innocent children through abortion, the populations of Western nations like the USA, Canada, and Europe are declining. The globalists think we need mass migration to replace the declining population.

But is there more to mass migration than meets the eye?

As Kitty Werthmann, survivor of Nazi Austria said of her infiltration of a Communist front group in Switzerland:  she talked to a woman there who told her she and her fellow communists were working their way against the U.S. starting in Nicaragua, Honduras, and eventually with an eye to attack the U.S. through Mexico. The woman told her they would do this by getting massive numbers of illegals into the U.S. and pushing the sanctuary movement. Werthmann said when she saw illegal immigrant marches in California carrying the Mexican flag and trampling the American flag, she knew this was actually happening.

In an interview on my radio program “Choose Life” years ago, Mrs. Werthmann asked the Communist she met about how they were going to start the revolution here in the USA. Mrs. W. observed that you needed a lot of soldiers to do that. The Communist replied that the revolutionary soldiers were already here, and that they had come in through the Sanctuary movement sponsored by the churches.

We must pray the rosary for our President and country

Patriotism is a virtue and the President has stated and acted as a patriot by calling on the military to defend our borders. Let us pray the rosary for our country and President Trump that God will save us from Communism and the tyrannies that threaten it.

Charity Begins in the Home

And the womb, too

by Christine Ross

This past week, both liberal and conservative newsmedia have been in an uproar over the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in a Turkish consulate. It is alleged that a team of Saudi Arabian murderers hacked him to death while he was still alive.

In the meantime, thousands of children have died in a similar manner in abortion mills across the USA. It is estimated that over 3,000 American children die every day, torn limb from limb just like Khashoggi. The silence from both the liberal and conservative media has been disturbing.

Silence implies agreement

Although from time to time conservatives decry abortion, for the most part, they accept it. While I like to think that most conservatives are against abortion, their silence implies otherwise.

In the meantime, there has been furious speculation about the cause of the death of a foreigner in a foreign country. It is tragic that Mr. Khashoggi met such a terrible fate.

Nevertheless, as Fox News contributor Sarah Carter noted on the Brian Kilmeade radio show yesterday, that type of murder is not uncommon there. She mentioned the case of the Saudi princess who led a bad life and was executed for it 1977. The Saudis forced her to watch the beheading of her boyfriend for the crime of adultery. After that, they shot her dead.

It is time for the liberal and conservative newsmedia to stop clucking their tongues at the crimes of foreign nations while ignoring our own. The terrible genocide of abortion must come to an end before we destroy ourselves.

Sometimes when parents are dealing with squabbling children, they are apt to state in exasperation “If you children don’t stop quarreling, I will stop it for you.”

Will God Punish Us for Abortion?

Abortion is willful murder, the first of the 4 abominations, sins that draw down the wrath of God. God loves us, and cares for us. That is why He punishes us, to make us stop sinning and to stop hurting and killing each other. He wants us to return to him and overcome evil with good.

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that even the elements are offended by our sins and would turn and attack us if Almighty God did not restrain them. The rising tide of natural disasters is a sign that we have offended Him by our continued and unending crimes against children.

Let us pray the rosary that God will save our country from abortion and the tyranny that threatens it. We must also pray for peace and that the terrible crime of abortion will come to an end.



Is Politics Becoming Hazardous to Your Health?

And what you can do about it

by Christine Ross

Concerned by the recent leftist media uproar over Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, Senator Rand Paul spoke recently. In an article published on Breitbart, Senator Paul said “I really worry that someone is going to be killed and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation. They have to realize that they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence,” he added.

So what can we do to stop them?

During World War II, many patriotic Americans and Europeans prayed the rosary for peace. God heard their prayers and ended that terrible war in 1945.

Pray the rosary every day for peace in your heart and in our nation. Pray the rosary at abortion mills where children are cruelly murdered so that these terrible crimes will stop.

Remember, defenseless Austrians drove the Communists out of their nation in 1955 without firing a shot. They prayed the rosary by themselves and in processions. You CAN save your country from a leftist takeover. That’s why you should pray the rosary every day.

Since the enforcement of the tragic  1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, our nation has been plunged into a permanent and endless civil war between abortionists and leftists aided by corrupt governments, parents and innocent children. The war now shows signs of expansion.

As you may know, most law enforcement officers and elected officials swear an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, and not Supreme Court decisions.
If they wanted to, legal authorities could merely ignore Roe v. Wade and proceed as usual. But they won’t.

Should be surprised that Leftists are becoming increasingly violent?

Not really. After all, they support the beheading and dismemberment of innocent children inside the womb. Sooner or later, the violence had to spread to people outside the womb. Even pro-lifers are increasingly under attack at abortion mills.

Recently, radio talk show host Michael Savage wrote and published a new book advocating the arrest of leftists who advocate and practice violence. These leftist organizations are now advocating the destruction of the USA.

After all, the Smith Act of 1940 stated that membership in an organization that advocates the overthrow of the US government is a crime. Why aren’t these radicals being prosecuted?

Only President Trump can answer that question. Let us pray the rosary that God will help the President to do his job and for peace in our country.



The Brett Kavananaugh Magic Show

Pray the rosary for Brett Kavanaugh and our country

by Christine Ross

Magic acts often involved distraction and misdirection. As Lisa Haven said in her recent Project Dragonfly video here  , the important Kavanaugh nomination is also a distraction from Project Dragonfly, the infamous and evil efforts of the tech giant Google to help the Chinese Communists further enslave their people.

The Project Dragonfly app allegedly links the Chinese’ users identity to his searches. If the government does not like the user’s computer activity, he can end up in a concentration camp and executed. One of the Chinese methods of execution involves removal of the political dissident victim’s organs for sale.

While we were sleeping, Google was busy helping the Reds

During their most recent media circus about Brett Kavanaugh, the mainstream media almost completely ignored the equally important Congressional hearings on Project Dragonfly. However, computer engineers have apparently noted reports from the independent press on Project Dragonfly. They are turning down Google job offers in disgust, according to an article on today’s Info Wars

It is increasingly and disturbingly apparent that Google’s efforts to control the Chinese people through their search engine technology is a beta test for the USA and other nations. It’s bad enough that the Chinese have been enslaved by the Communists for decades. We do not want that HERE. We must pray the rosary for Brett Kavanaugh’s successful Supreme Court nomination, and that God will deliver us from Communism.

In the meantime, the deranged Left continues to agitate against Kavanaugh

Watching some deranged Americans attack and malign Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been so upsetting that I have often turned off the news of it in disgust. As a woman, I do not believe Christine Ford or the rest of the evil rotten crew who are maligning him. The name “Christine” means Christian. Ms. Ford ought to be mindful of the Saint who said to a man also named Christian “Change your conduct or your name.” Her conduct is shameful and beneath her dignity as a human being created in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

As a woman, I also deeply resent watching the left use the vulnerability and weakness of my sex to defame and slander an innocent man in the most grotesquely obscene manner possible. God designed us women to be a help to men, not a hindrance. This whole fiasco is perversion of what male – female relations ought to be.

The reason that God allows evil is that He wants us to fight it and so that He can draw good out of it. Let us pray the rosary that God will save our country from Communism and that Brett Kavanaugh will be our next Supreme Court Justice.

Tommy Robinson Re-Trial Postponed Until October 23, 2018

International crowd of supporters cheers him on in London

Yesterday Ezra Levant of Rebel Media posted video updates of the continuing trials of courageous citizen reporter  and free speech activist Tommy Robinson. On May 25, 2018, police arrested Robinson while he was live streaming a video report on Muslim rape gangs outside a Leeds courthouse.

The legal authorities tried Robinson immediately and packed him off to jail within a space of 5 hours, a procedure more common in tyrannies than in England, the home of the Magna Carta and free speech.

But that was then, and this is now

Having been released from solitary confinement for contempt of court, Tommy Robinson appeared in the Central Criminal Court of London, also known as ” the Old Bailey.” Levant said that murder and terrorism are the most common criminal cases heard at the Old Bailey, and that holding a contempt of court case there is like having a traffic ticket heard in the US Supreme Court.

Tommy appears at window – crowd goes wild!

After conferring with his attorneys, Robinson went to the window at Old Bailey to see his supporters gathered below in the street. Upon seeing the hero of free speech, the crowd of about 1500 went wild, chanting his name over and over again in support. Robinson was both grateful and deeply moved by their cheers. Levant noted about 16 opponents to Robinson protested while the rest chanted.

The group of supporters included people not only from England, but Canada, and as far away as Hong Kong. They recognized the importance of Tommy Robinson’s case to the concept of free speech.

Tommy’s fight is our fight

Unfortunately, the British legal authorities chose to delay the trial until October 23, 2018. Levant said in the US and Canada, such tactics would result in dismissal of the charges. Let us hope that Robinson’s case will be dismissed.

Distressed that so few conservative reporters attended the 20 minute trial there, yesterday, Levant went to London himself by plane. Levant said that the British media openly lied about Tommy Robinson. It’s up to citizen reporters to take up the cause of free speech while we still can.


Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Flooding continues after Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina

While the battle to confirm Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh rages, the flooding in North Carolina continues. At this point, Christine Ford,  Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, does not wish to testify at a Senate Hearing against him. Ms. Ford has alleged that the Judge attacked her at a party when they were teenagers.

Last week’s Hurricane Florence was a great tragedy, and several families are now grieving in sorrow at the loss of their loved ones. As Americans we ought to help the survivors as best we can and console them. If we can’t help them materially, we should at least pray the rosary for them.

Why does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Despite what the media says, weather does not come from Mother Nature, because Mother Nature does not exist.  God is the Creator of our planet and it is He that rules the weather, regardless of what the Weather Channel and climate change promoters say.

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that even the elements are offended by our sins, and would turn and attack us if Almighty God did not restrain them. The Catholic Church teaches us that everything that happens to us, the good, and what we call bad, comes from God.

For example, let us suppose that we are robbed. God does not will sin, but has decided it would be best for us to not have the money that we are carrying anymore. “The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord,” says Job in the Bible.

Thus, we ought to give thanks for everything that happens to us, because the Bible also instructs us to give thanks and praise in all things, not just when things turn out to our liking.  We should also enter into ourselves, purge our lives from sin, pray the rosary, do what we can to prevent future natural calamities from destroying our homes (concrete houses, raised foundations), and pray to God for help.

The Catholic Church teaches and preaches that there are 4 abominations: willful murder (including abortion and euthanasia), the sin of Sodom, oppressing the poor, and depriving workers of just wages. These are sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, and thus draw down the wrath of God.

Abortion and euthanasia are willful murder, and we have allowed the sin of Sodom to flourish. As tragic as the recent weather has been, we must turn to God and stop sinning if we want Him to help us.

The Catholic Church teaches that God allows natural disasters to persuade us to stop sinning and come back to Him. Let us respond to these tragedies by helping those afflicted by them and ending abortion and other abominations.