A Visit to An Abortion Mill

An ambulance leaves the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in Virginia Beach, Virginia on April 2, 2017

by Christine Ross

Last week I went to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Two police cars with 4 police officers were waiting; I’ve never seen so many. Apparently, the Planned Parenthood staff called them for some unknown reason.

Years ago, the lady who taught me sidewalk counseling urged me to say “Please don’t kill your baby.” I added “You’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

While the police were in the parking lot, I said that as loudly as I could to the mothers entering the abortion mill. In addition, I quoted Dudley Nichols’ screenplay for the 1946 film Scarlet Street: “You can’t solve your problems with murder…Murder doesn’t solve anything.”

The police responded by leaving immediately. Most of them are pro-life. It was so weird to watch parents calmly walking into the building to kill their children while the police took off.

The police came back a few minutes later. We still don’t know why.

In the meantime, a new guy came out to preach at the mothers with a loudspeaker. He wasn’t part of the usual group, and I gather he was unaware that speaking above 55 decibels is against the law.

When they returned, a police officer asked him politely to quiet down. The officer went away for awhile, and returned. The speaker ignored their request and kept up the volume.

The officer returned and pleaded with him to quiet down. To his credit, the officer looked visibly embarrassed by having to tell a street preacher to speak more softly. After a few minutes, the preacher left.

Several years ago, I attended a local women’s show. The Virginia Beach Fire Department had a booth with a lady firefighter. During our chat, I invited the firefighter to join us in our outreach to parents at Planned Parenthood.

She declined. However, she said that the Virginia Beach Fire Department had been to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill several times to help mothers who had survived botched abortions.

As challenging as it can be to visit abortion mills, it’s important to go. Years ago, I read an account of a mother who killed her child. On her way to the abortion mill, no pro-lifers were there. She wondered to herself “Where are those pro-lifers when you need them?”

That is why we must pray the rosary every day that God will save our country from abortion and the tyrannies that threaten it.