The Brett Kavananaugh Magic Show

Pray the rosary for Brett Kavanaugh and our country

by Christine Ross

Magic acts often involved distraction and misdirection. As Lisa Haven said in her recent Project Dragonfly video here  , the important Kavanaugh nomination is also a distraction from Project Dragonfly, the infamous and evil efforts of the tech giant Google to help the Chinese Communists further enslave their people.

The Project Dragonfly app allegedly links the Chinese’ users identity to his searches. If the government does not like the user’s computer activity, he can end up in a concentration camp and executed. One of the Chinese methods of execution involves removal of the political dissident victim’s organs for sale.

While we were sleeping, Google was busy helping the Reds

During their most recent media circus about Brett Kavanaugh, the mainstream media almost completely ignored the equally important Congressional hearings on Project Dragonfly. However, computer engineers have apparently noted reports from the independent press on Project Dragonfly. They are turning down Google job offers in disgust, according to an article on today’s Info Wars

It is increasingly and disturbingly apparent that Google’s efforts to control the Chinese people through their search engine technology is a beta test for the USA and other nations. It’s bad enough that the Chinese have been enslaved by the Communists for decades. We do not want that HERE. We must pray the rosary for Brett Kavanaugh’s successful Supreme Court nomination, and that God will deliver us from Communism.

In the meantime, the deranged Left continues to agitate against Kavanaugh

Watching some deranged Americans attack and malign Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been so upsetting that I have often turned off the news of it in disgust. As a woman, I do not believe Christine Ford or the rest of the evil rotten crew who are maligning him. The name “Christine” means Christian. Ms. Ford ought to be mindful of the Saint who said to a man also named Christian “Change your conduct or your name.” Her conduct is shameful and beneath her dignity as a human being created in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

As a woman, I also deeply resent watching the left use the vulnerability and weakness of my sex to defame and slander an innocent man in the most grotesquely obscene manner possible. God designed us women to be a help to men, not a hindrance. This whole fiasco is perversion of what male – female relations ought to be.

The reason that God allows evil is that He wants us to fight it and so that He can draw good out of it. Let us pray the rosary that God will save our country from Communism and that Brett Kavanaugh will be our next Supreme Court Justice.

Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Flooding continues after Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina

While the battle to confirm Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh rages, the flooding in North Carolina continues. At this point, Christine Ford,  Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, does not wish to testify at a Senate Hearing against him. Ms. Ford has alleged that the Judge attacked her at a party when they were teenagers.

Last week’s Hurricane Florence was a great tragedy, and several families are now grieving in sorrow at the loss of their loved ones. As Americans we ought to help the survivors as best we can and console them. If we can’t help them materially, we should at least pray the rosary for them.

Why does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Despite what the media says, weather does not come from Mother Nature, because Mother Nature does not exist.  God is the Creator of our planet and it is He that rules the weather, regardless of what the Weather Channel and climate change promoters say.

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that even the elements are offended by our sins, and would turn and attack us if Almighty God did not restrain them. The Catholic Church teaches us that everything that happens to us, the good, and what we call bad, comes from God.

For example, let us suppose that we are robbed. God does not will sin, but has decided it would be best for us to not have the money that we are carrying anymore. “The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord,” says Job in the Bible.

Thus, we ought to give thanks for everything that happens to us, because the Bible also instructs us to give thanks and praise in all things, not just when things turn out to our liking.  We should also enter into ourselves, purge our lives from sin, pray the rosary, do what we can to prevent future natural calamities from destroying our homes (concrete houses, raised foundations), and pray to God for help.

The Catholic Church teaches and preaches that there are 4 abominations: willful murder (including abortion and euthanasia), the sin of Sodom, oppressing the poor, and depriving workers of just wages. These are sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, and thus draw down the wrath of God.

Abortion and euthanasia are willful murder, and we have allowed the sin of Sodom to flourish. As tragic as the recent weather has been, we must turn to God and stop sinning if we want Him to help us.

The Catholic Church teaches that God allows natural disasters to persuade us to stop sinning and come back to Him. Let us respond to these tragedies by helping those afflicted by them and ending abortion and other abominations.

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

More Leftist Hysteria Over a Potential Return to Sanity

by Christine Ross

St. Anthony of the Desert said:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying “You are mad, you are not like us.”

That saying came to mind in light of yesterday’s Democratic uproar at the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The situation grew so heated that Judge Kavanaugh’s’ wife took their two young daughters, Margaret, aged 13, and Elizabeth, aged 10, out of it.

Since the Democrats are still irate over losing the Presidency, they disrupted the hearing with protests, calls for President Trump’s impeachment, and so on. It sounded more like a circus sideshow than a normal confirmation hearing

Actress Piper Perabo  said she was “arrested for civil disobedience” at the hearing and feared that a Kavanaugh nomination would endanger “equal rights” for women. It is bizarre to hear of a woman getting arrested for promoting the non-existent right of mothers to have their own children decapitated and dismembered. Perhaps if Miss Perabo actually saw a video of what happens to the victims of abortion, she might have more sympathy for them.

But will Brett Kavanaugh end abortion?

Given the track record of Republican Supreme Court justices, that is more of a wish than a hope. While we can hope and pray for the best, given what has happened in the past, it seems unlikely.

So what can President Trump do to end abortion?

The late Howard Phillips, Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, had a plan to end abortion. He said that he would fire all of the US Attorneys and appoint new ones to prosecute abortionists as murderers.

Just because the Supreme Court says something, that doesn’t mean the President has to enforce their decisions. After all, President Jackson famously asserted that the Supreme Court had spoken, let them enforce their decision. That’s why we have 3 parts to our government – the Executive, Judicial, and legislative branches to check and balance each other.

Yes, it’s true that bringing such cases to court would be a difficult challenge. But abortion is wilful murder and an abomination, the first of the 4 sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. Better to fear the wrath of  Leftists than Almighty God.

Like many elected officials, the US President swears an oath to uphold the US Constitution, and not unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions that pretend to strip children of their right to life. Let us pray the rosary for President Trump, that he will do the right thing and end abortion NOW.