Mark Pickup and Euthanasia

On today’s program, Canadian pro-life speaker and writer Mark Pickup describes what life is like with MS. We talked about assisted suicide, euthanasia, and where this is headed. Will the government eventually require us to be euthanized? Let’s pray the rosary that this won’t happen.

What happens to you when you donate organs?

Paul Byrne, MD has taught at several medical schools and discussed organ donation. Are you an organ donor? If so, are you alive when your organs are removed? Can you feel pain? And how does this relate to those videos on selling baby body parts? That’s what we talked about on this show.

Have you seen “The Euthanasia Deception” yet?

The Euthanasia Deception is a new documentary on euthanasia and how it has affected Belgium. Kevin Dunn, co-producer of the film, discussed it and euthanasia in this must-see film.

Alissa Golob

What’s happening with euthanasia in Canada and the USA? Tune in and find out!

Today I talked with Alissa Golob and her new organization Right Now. What do they do? Should we have a branch of Right Now in the USA?