It’s Now or Never for President Trump

Will the President order mass arrests? Or will he himself be arrested?

by Christine Ross

There have been circulating the internet that sealed federal indictments have been filed for months. And that President Trump plans on ordering mass arrests on traitors who are busily working to destroy our country.

If that is true, let us hope and pray the rosary that President Trump will order those arrests before January when the new Democratic House takes office. Democrats have already promised to impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh.

For his part, the President has already offered to compromise on certain issues. As a former Democrat himself, the President should know that Democrats do not compromise – they get what they want.

But what do Democrats want?

The Democrats have also promised to raise taxes and undo as much of the good that President Trump has done as possible. And they want as many foreigners to enter the USA as possible, regardless of how they enter.

Since mass migration destroyed Rome, the present course is suicidal. The Antifa movement has already started chanting that they want the USA to come to an end.

Every day, over 2,000 foreign invaders cross our borders. That means 730,000 foreigners enter our country illegally each year. We cannot possibly support these people – we don’t even support our own citizens.

Indeed, when the latest caravan of foreigners was interviewed in Mexico, they made it clear that they expect to get benefits when they enter our country illegally.

If the President does not act now, he may not be able to act at all soon.

Rather than being pleased by the progress the President has made in resolving some issues, the Democrats seem infuriated by their former colleague. They have made it clear that they will do whatever they can to stop him.

For some peculiar reason, they don’t seem to want more jobs, more economic growth, and lower taxes. Their message seems to be “GET TRUMP!”

As usual, when the Republicans had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, they failed to end abortion. That isn’t even being discussed.

Nor was the President willing to promise a veto for any bill containing funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest chain of abortion mills in the country. He promised to quit funding Planned Parenthood, and it does not look like that promise will ever be kept.

In the meantime, God is watching us

As tragic as the natural disasters of this past year have been, we must put our trust in God and His Holy Will. We must continue to pray the rosary for the end of abortion and that God will save our nation from the tyrannies that threaten it.






Vote Fraud Wins Again

Republicans win in Senate and lose the House

by Christine Ross

Yesterday’s sad news of the loss of the House to the Democrats was tempered by Senate victories. We need to pray the rosary for President Trump, and put our trust in God that He will save our nation from the dangers that face it.

Leading Democrats have already promised to impeach Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Rather than moving forward to help make America great again, they want to make even more trouble and be destructive to the good efforts of President Trump.

As usual, Republicans cave and just accept the vote as true. But is it?

Today Lisa Haven published a video containing a Project Veritas video footage of vote fraud allegedly perpetrated in Texas yesterday November 6. The footage showed a woman who appeared to be an election official allowing foreigners to vote in the Texas election yesterday.

It is alarmingly easy to perpetrate voter fraud in the USA

Due to the computerization of the vote, all a computer programmer needs to do is change the programming of a voting machine. It’s easy to vote in the candidate of your choice that way. One computer programmer in Florida admitted to doing just that in this video made 2 years ago.

Or, they can just let ineligible voters participate in the elections the way they did yesterday. As Lisa Haven and others have noted, there were a number of voting machines that conveniently broke down yesterday.

Deja vu all over again

Years ago, I interviewed political candidates who had been victims of vote fraud. What happened to several of them was that the lights at the polling area went out, the computers went down, and the voting stopped. When the lights and the computers came back on, candidates who were winning suddenly found themselves losing.

Did that happen yesterday?

Of course, we’ll never know for sure. Although voter fraud is a felony in many jurisdictions, voter fraud is seldom prosecuted or even investigated.

In the meantime, Trump will have to get his agenda items done before the new Congress is sworn in January 2019. It is tragic that the Democrats do not want to help our country succeed, but rather seem to be fixated on “getting” President Trump.

Now that they have gotten what they want, it is unlikely that the Democrats will be happy with that. They seem to have collectively lost their reason and are in no hurry to regain it.

Let us pray the rosary every day that God will grant us peace and save us from the Communists who wish to destroy our country and make it part of the New World Communist Order.