The Thundering Legion is a peaceful, pro-life organization based in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. It is named after the real Thundering Legion, which was the 12th Legion of the Roman Army.

In 174 AD, the Legion was under attack, losing, and dying of thirst.
The Catholics in the Legion knelt down and prayed to God to save them. God responded immediately by sending them rain to slake their thirst. Then the storm itself became like a living thing and drove off their attackers. After that, Emperor Marcus Aurelius dubbed them “The Thundering Legion.”

Christine Ross is the Executive Director and host of the Thundering Legion podcast. As a former radio producer and host, she has written on pro-life and health matters for many years.

The Thundering Legion podcast discusses healthcare and in particular abortion since it is the number one cause of death in the USA.

Knowledge is power. Listening to the program will help educate and empower you to help end abortion and take control of your own health.