Tommy Robinson Re-Trial Postponed Until October 23, 2018

International crowd of supporters cheers him on in London

Yesterday Ezra Levant of Rebel Media posted video updates of the continuing trials of courageous citizen reporter  and free speech activist Tommy Robinson. On May 25, 2018, police arrested Robinson while he was live streaming a video report on Muslim rape gangs outside a Leeds courthouse.

The legal authorities tried Robinson immediately and packed him off to jail within a space of 5 hours, a procedure more common in tyrannies than in England, the home of the Magna Carta and free speech.

But that was then, and this is now

Having been released from solitary confinement for contempt of court, Tommy Robinson appeared in the Central Criminal Court of London, also known as ” the Old Bailey.” Levant said that murder and terrorism are the most common criminal cases heard at the Old Bailey, and that holding a contempt of court case there is like having a traffic ticket heard in the US Supreme Court.

Tommy appears at window – crowd goes wild!

After conferring with his attorneys, Robinson went to the window at Old Bailey to see his supporters gathered below in the street. Upon seeing the hero of free speech, the crowd of about 1500 went wild, chanting his name over and over again in support. Robinson was both grateful and deeply moved by their cheers. Levant noted about 16 opponents to Robinson protested while the rest chanted.

The group of supporters included people not only from England, but Canada, and as far away as Hong Kong. They recognized the importance of Tommy Robinson’s case to the concept of free speech.

Tommy’s fight is our fight

Unfortunately, the British legal authorities chose to delay the trial until October 23, 2018. Levant said in the US and Canada, such tactics would result in dismissal of the charges. Let us hope that Robinson’s case will be dismissed.

Distressed that so few conservative reporters attended the 20 minute trial there, yesterday, Levant went to London himself by plane. Levant said that the British media openly lied about Tommy Robinson. It’s up to citizen reporters to take up the cause of free speech while we still can.


Tommy Robinson Freed Today!

International prayers and efforts free political prisoner Tommy Robinson

by Christine Ross

LONDON, ENGLAND – Today Tommy Robinson won his freedom after his Court of Appeal victory, and has gone home to his family. He will have to attend another court case in Leeds shortly.

Ever since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, the concept of free speech has been developed and cherished by those in England and later in the USA. As pro-lifers, we depend on free speech to help parents decide for life and to persuade abortionists to stop murdering patients.

Thus, when we see a journalist and social activist like Tommy Robinson jailed merely for exercising the right to freedom of speech, we must step forward and protest loudly. Even President Trump’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback, lobbied for Tommy’s release in London.

Police arrested Tommy Robinson on May 25, 2018 for reporting on a Leeds court case  . His friend and colleague Ezra Levant raised money for his legal defense fund, and reported in London on the case. You can see his coverage here.

Robinson’s attorney Carson Kaye said in his statement that: “The rule of law and the right to a fair hearing are fundamental to every individual and this ruling an example of the procedural safeguards of our system, and its potential for protecting every citizen equally.

Since the decriminalization of abortion in the West, the rule of law has collapsed. Parents and abortionists can murder their children without even a fair hearing for the child. If an innocent child has no rights, then what about the rest of us? Is it any wonder that Tommy Robinson has languished in jail while the child rapists he discussed in his videos go free?

St. Ambrose taught that we must work as if everything counted on our work, and pray as if everything counted on our prayers.  That is why we must continue to pray and work for the end of abortion, and that the rule of law will be re-established throughout the West.

Pray the rosary every day for your country, that God will end abortion and deliver us from the tyrannies that threaten us.