Charity Begins in the Home

And the womb, too

by Christine Ross

This past week, both liberal and conservative newsmedia have been in an uproar over the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in a Turkish consulate. It is alleged that a team of Saudi Arabian murderers hacked him to death while he was still alive.

In the meantime, thousands of children have died in a similar manner in abortion mills across the USA. It is estimated that over 3,000 American children die every day, torn limb from limb just like Khashoggi. The silence from both the liberal and conservative media has been disturbing.

Silence implies agreement

Although from time to time conservatives decry abortion, for the most part, they accept it. While I like to think that most conservatives are against abortion, their silence implies otherwise.

In the meantime, there has been furious speculation about the cause of the death of a foreigner in a foreign country. It is tragic that Mr. Khashoggi met such a terrible fate.

Nevertheless, as Fox News contributor Sarah Carter noted on the Brian Kilmeade radio show yesterday, that type of murder is not uncommon there. She mentioned the case of the Saudi princess who led a bad life and was executed for it 1977. The Saudis forced her to watch the beheading of her boyfriend for the crime of adultery. After that, they shot her dead.

It is time for the liberal and conservative newsmedia to stop clucking their tongues at the crimes of foreign nations while ignoring our own. The terrible genocide of abortion must come to an end before we destroy ourselves.

Sometimes when parents are dealing with squabbling children, they are apt to state in exasperation “If you children don’t stop quarreling, I will stop it for you.”

Will God Punish Us for Abortion?

Abortion is willful murder, the first of the 4 abominations, sins that draw down the wrath of God. God loves us, and cares for us. That is why He punishes us, to make us stop sinning and to stop hurting and killing each other. He wants us to return to him and overcome evil with good.

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that even the elements are offended by our sins and would turn and attack us if Almighty God did not restrain them. The rising tide of natural disasters is a sign that we have offended Him by our continued and unending crimes against children.

Let us pray the rosary that God will save our country from abortion and the tyranny that threatens it. We must also pray for peace and that the terrible crime of abortion will come to an end.