Tom Ciesielka

Tom Ciesielka of TC Public Relations in Chicago, Illinois discusses the Hyde Amendment and other pro-life victories on today’s program. We also discussed what you can do to end abortion in your community.

Pray the rosary for Donald Trump

This past Friday, Donald Trump was the first presidential candidate to speak at the Voter Values Summit in Washington, DC. Mike Pence spoke yesterday. St. Francis de Sales said that the rosary is the most perfect method of prayer (after the True Mass).
Pray the rosary every day for your salvation and for the victory of Donald Trump for President.

Pro-Life Outreach in Canada

Ksenia Koltusky from the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform reports on their summer pro-life outreach in Canada. What’s it like to show people the results of abortion? How do you deal with anti-life people? We talked about these issues and others on today’s episode.

Darrell Castle for President

Who is Darrell Castle?
And why haven’t you heard about him? On today’s episode, we talked about the Constitution Party, America’s best kept secret. We talked about their plan to end abortion in the USA and restore our constitution to its roots.

Abortion survivor speaks out

Pro-life speaker and mother Melissa Ohden is a survivor of a late term saline abortion shortly before she was due to be born. Amazingly, not only did she survive, but she was unharmed and now speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She testified before Congress last year regarding the ongoing Planned Parenthood scandal. We talked about that and what it’s like to be the mother of a child with health challenges.

Courageous Prolife Doctor closes abortion mill

Courageous prolife OB-GYN Wiliam Lile, MD, describes how he closed an abortion mill and persuaded the abortionist to stop perpetrating them. Dr. Lile spoke on his efforts to educate his church and others on the evils of abortion and what happens to children in them.

Kansans for Life

Mary Kay Culp, Executive Director of Kansans for Life, describes her efforts to save mothers and babies from abortion in Kansas.
We talked about Planned Parenthood and how the Center for Medical Progress videos came about.